They were highly effective in treating my current infection

I know that I have had my share of yeast infections and I was absolutely sick of it. I was tired of my doctor prescribing me a medication or recommending an expensive cream that I know will only take away the symptoms for a short time. I needed permanent relief! So I decided that it was time to switch doctors and find a less expensive treatment. I was blown away when my new doctor told me that I should try all natural treatments.After consulting with the doctor I was able to determine that I wanted to find an inexpensive option that was locally available. But it also had to work quickly and be inexpensive. So with all that being said I found two different options that have really worked for me.

They were highly effective in treating my current infection and whenever I have had an infection since then the duration has been nearly cut in half.First of all let's discuss yogurt. Yogurt has been a favorite of women all around the world to treat their yeast infections for years. However you should know that any yogurt that is being used as a treatment for yeast should always be sugar free and should also be organic. If you have yogurt with sugar in it then you could accidently make your infection worse as yeast will grow very quickly if it's exposed to sugar.When it comes time for you to use the yogurt then you have a few options. For external itching and burning you can dab a good amount to your vulva and leave it to sooth.

If your symptoms are internal then you may want to take a tampon that has yogurt on it and wear it for an hour. When you want to stop yeast infections from occurring in the first place then eat some every day.The other remedy is apple cider vinegar. This is a strong natural astringent that is simple to use. You can create a wash that is 50% apple cider vinegar and 50% water, this should be put on a soft wash cloth and gently scrub the area. Otherwise it is recommended that you replace two cups of the vinegar in a very hot bath.For more info on how to deal with candida, check out our Yeast Infection Treatment website, where you can find plenty of information on the subject.

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